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Charts,editable chart,Powerpoint,Infographics,Excel linked,Pie chart,doughnut chart
4 Pie charts 1
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Charts,editable chart,Powerpoint,Infographics,Excel linked,pie chart,doughnut
Pie chart with 4 data points 2
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Charts,Powerpoint,Infographics,Pie chart
Manually editable 4 pie charts 3
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Charts,Powerpoint,Infographics,column & pie chart,doughnut
Manually editable pie and column charts 7
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Charts,Powerpoint,Infographics,pie chart,doughnut,????????
Manually editable 5 points pie chart 9
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Charts,editable chart,Powerpoint,Infographics,Excel linked,3d pie chart
3D pie chart 20
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Healthcare,Medical,Infographics,powerpoint,Google slides,keynote,stethoscope,pie chart,Diagnosis,Listening
5 points stethoscope with pie chart infographic
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Healthcare,Medical,Infographics,powerpoint,Google slides,keynote,pie chart,apple,diet,Nutrition,Healthy,food,Moderation
4 apple parts infographic
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3D,Infographics,Powerpoint,pie chart,round
5 points 3D growing colored pie chart infographic
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