How to change all slides theme colors in one click

Do you have many slides that are following a specific color scheme or palette?

Would you like to change these whole slides in one click?

Is it even doable?
Yes it is

PowerPoint presentations are built on specific color schemes & this is a basic wireframe for building brand templates & master slides.

Check below the original office color palette

original PowerPoint office color palette

These color schemes are fully editable you can create your own color palette or add your business branding colors.

Most importantly that you can apply this color palette to previous presentation slides in one click.

1- Let’s start by having a couple of slides into our presentation that needs to be updated to a new color palette (slides are in slide sorter preview)

2- Click on “Design” at the top bar & then the small arrow on the left as per the screenshot

3- Then from the dropdown menu, click on “Colors”

4- A range of office color palettes would appear, try clicking on “Red Violet”, you will see that all the slides colors are automatically updated to match this attached new theme

For more, check the below video

You would like to create your own color palette? or you would like to embed your business branding colors?

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